Ezwim, AT&T, Guerra Wilson Group Receive “Innovation of the Year Award” for eBonding Solution

Posted by David Sonenstein on November 20, 2018

Ezwim, Guerra Wilson Group and AT&T have won the 2018 Innovation of the Year Award from the Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA).  This award recognizes eBonding-as-a-Service which bridges the technology gap  for Telecom Expense Management and Agent Organizations.

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GDPR: What American TEM’s Should Know About the New European Privacy Law

Posted by David Sonenstein on March 28, 2018

In the USA, there are a lot of things dominating the news cycles nowadays, but unfortunately for those in the enterprise technology management space, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not one of them. And while GDPR has been front-page news in the EU for months, becoming effective May 25 2018 across the entire EU, very few American companies and more specifically, American TEM companies, really understand what it is, if it applies to them, or the potential impact to their business and operations.

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Automate or Die: TEMIA Thought Leader Panel 

Posted by David Sonenstein on March 27, 2018


Industry Association TEMIA Will Gather More than 48 Companies and 70 Registrants to Discuss Ways that Automation Will Disrupt the Market in Positive Negative and Unexpected Ways. Ezwim will particiapte in the event on April 2-4 in Nashville. Present will be David Sonenstein, Executive Director of Ezwim, who is also part of the TEMIA board.


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Ezwim at Mobile World Congress 2018

Posted by Bram Cool on February 12, 2018
Barcelona, Spain // 26 Feb – 1 Mar 2018

Ezwim is proud to launch a global device lifecycle management service with market leading partners. Details of the partnership will be announced during Mobile World Congress 2018!

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The Ezwim TEM Solution To GDPR

Posted by Hein Remmen on November 13, 2017

As a client, you have a right to ask any vendor that processes your data this question: “How will you comply with GDPR rules”? Then the vendor must answer in a straightforward way.


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How to prepare your TEM for the GDPR

Posted by Nadine Hoogerwerf on October 19, 2017

As part of your telecom expense management you process multi types of personal identifiable data, such as contact details, call details and human resource information. That GDPR has impact on Telecom Expense Management we already described in our earlier blog GDPR impact on Telecom Expense Management. But how do you prepare yourself? 

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GDPR impact on Telecom Expense Management

Posted by Nadine Hoogerwerf on October 4, 2017

From May 2018, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation shall come into effect. From that moment, all personal identifiable data of subjects of the European Union needs to be very well protected. For Expense Management also some principles need to be considered. 

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