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Posted by Hein Remmen on November 27, 2018


Ezwim-ServiceNow integration

Integration with leading SaaS vendors, such as ServiceNow, as well as building out e-bonding capabilities with operators and other telecom vendors are a priority item on our roadmap. We are ready for the next step, the integration with ServiceNow. Let me explain the rationale.

It’s almost December and it’s getting cold outside. From the window of our Amsterdam office I look over a small canal, dreaming of a cold winter, so we can skate on it…

What is not a dream, but reality is the release of ServiceNow integration capabilities to our Live Server early December. We will support two-way order integration, order updates and user data replication. This will link to our existing e-bonding capabilities with a number of operators, including AT&T US.

Mobility management

You will be challenged to find a company these days for which mobile communications are not business critical.  That doesn’t man it is always smooth skating. In the early days of corporate mobility, it was the cost that required a lot of attention and hands-one management, while in recent years we see that the challenges have shifted to the mobility related processes. Simply said: Processing mobile service changes takes too long and are too costly.

Companies are looking for automation to improve efficiencies in service management. Automation means primarily integration; in this case Integration with the existing ITSM—tool of the company. More and more, the “existing ITSM-tool” equates to ServiceNow, which has a > 50% market share in the US and astonishing customer retention figures. ServiceNow is becoming the standard for employee centric service portals.

So, what we, as a specialized vendor of automation solutions for Telecom expense and Telecom service management need to deliver, is routing the employee request from ServiceNow in the most efficient way to the right vendor to get the expected result: An error-free order fulfillment at the expected date. For this, we leverage our existing knowledge of telecom supplier APIs and Robotic Process Automation scripts to achieve end-to-end automation for a broad spectrum of services, in a broad geographical range.

Integration should be as easy as skating on perfect ice on a perfect day. However, some pre-conditions must be met to get that experience.  When you skate, the temperature of the ice is important for your speed. If it’s too cold, you get too much friction; if it’s too warm, it gets too slushy. The same goes for productized integration components. If they are too strict, you freeze to the ice, if they are too flexible, you get buried in a slush of endless configuration options.

Our approach to ServiceNow and operator integration keeps the ice at the right temperature. It is built to automate specific, fairly generic telecom processes. We have started with ordering and will add upgrade/downgrade, de-activation, configuration changes in the future. Yet it provides sufficient flexibility in the set-up of the mapping of the ServiceNow request to the API of the applicable vendor.

Next steps

We have achieved a lot in a fairly short period of time: We have covered a number of key processes in ServiceNow; we have gone live with e-bonding for a number of operators in a number of countries. But we are far from done. The world is a big place with many operators, ServiceNow is a big system with many clients, and certainly not the only ITSM system around. We are keen to engage with customers, partners and prospects to see what we can do for you and to learn where to go next.

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Written by Hein Remmen

Hein Remmen is one of Ezwim’s very first employees and as such a pioneer in the TEM industry. Hein has extensive TEM experience and has managed the design and development of all Ezwim products. Over the past two years, Hein’s focus has been on an intuitive, user-centric approach along with tools and features that make the Ezwim TEM Suite a global set of products. Hein holds a Master’s degree in Computer Linguistics from the University of Amsterdam and a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool, specializing in Big Data analysis for SaaS vendors. Hein is the Product Management Director at Ezwim.
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