Product Update: Don't Let Bill Shocks Get To You

Posted by Shrestha Rath on October 12, 2017

rTEM_.pngCarriers will rarely sell unlimited data plans. Instead, complex corporate bundles have hit the market, with different conditions for National (European) and Roaming data usage, day passes, pooled or non-pooled.

In the meantime, mobile data traffic keeps on growing growing exponentially as company smartphones are ubiquitous and Business and Private usage profiles blend together (like Whatsapp and Facebook for business) in a 4G environment that stimulates data intensive usage for applications (e.g. Skype4B mobile VOIP over mobile networks, Youtube etc). In other words, no matter what the size of the corporate data bundle is, users will find a way to exceed it and create a bill shock for you.

To prevent this, Ezwim has a powerful real time alerting & analysis solution, Ezwim RTEM+, that empower you and your users to act fast.

If you are a enterpise who wants to learn more about preventing bill shocks for you and your users, please contact us.

What does Ezwim RTEM+ offer?

Ezwim  RTEM+ comes with extremely flexible alerting functionalities, enabling enterprise customers to define their own threshold levels for all types of usage (both data and voice) and trigger subsequent alerts.

The following alert types can be configured:

  1. Predictive: Alerts will be send out when a straight-line extrapolation of the current spend of a user would lead to a threshold overrun within 5 days after today or before the end of the period
  2. Percentage: Alerts will be send when a predefined percentage of the threshold is exceeded
  3. On Exceeding: Alerts will be send after the threshold is exceeded
  4. Increased Usage after Exceeding: Alerts will be send when the usage exceeds the set increment after the threshold has been exceeded.

These alerts can be pushed in three different ways, being SMS (a SMS alert Message is send to the end-user), App (The end user can see the current usage levels in an app on his device), and Email (An alert email is send to the end-user and/or telecom manager (administrator role))

In addition to that, a large array of comprehensive reports is available:

  1. Administrator dashlet: This dashlet is published in the manager dashboard and shows the number and types of generated alerts for all users under his domain.
  2. Personal dashlet: This dashlet is published in the personal dashboard and shows the 10 most recently generated alerts for this user.
  3. Report “Running usage per phone number” :This management report shows the current totals per phone number. Contrary to most other reports the focus of this report is usage volumes, rather than amounts.
  4. Report “Running cost details”:This management/ user report shows the current usage details per phone number.
  5. Report “Alert details”: This management report shows all alerts that have been sent to all users under his domain.


What does the solution need? 

In order to present alerts Ezwim requires a regular / daily rated or unrated datafeed from the operator. Although many operators do not provide this yet, it is slowly becoming more and more available. 

We also have apps available to collect the data from the device used. Unfortunately the main business devices based on Apple IOS restrict the availability of usable usage data significantly reducing the usability of the solution.  


Interested to learn more?  

These combined capabilities make Ezwim RTEM+ the ideal vaccine against bill shock disease. If interested to learn more please contact us or download our brochure for enterprises.


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Written by Shrestha Rath

Shrestha is a creative product designer within Ezwim who continuously tries to optimize the customer experiences in Ezwim solution with the goal to increase KPI’s such as activation, retention and engagement.

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