Product Update: Recommendations Dashboard

Posted by Shrestha Rath on August 22, 2017



For our Reseller clients, who provide managed or BPO services for their Enterprise customers, we are excited to announce a new functionality to our platform: the “Recommendations Dashboard.”

Resellers that supply managed TEM typically identify cost savings opportunities, create actionable reports, and validate carrier contract terms for their enterprise clients. If you are a reseller who wants to learn more about implementing managed services for your clients, please contact us.


What does the new Recommendation Dashboard do?

This new feature is well integrated with our existing Ezwim Global View (EGV) and Ezwim Expense Management (EEM) platforms. In EGV, this feature allows resellers to create customized dashboards that suit the kind of recommendation or service they want to provide to their customers. Our reseller clients can create personalized reports by adding custom headings, text or pictures and can show various dashlets available in EEM. It is also possible to attach any type of file and trigger initiation of an ESM case which will be available as a button in the interface. The recommendation dashboard encourages the enterprise customers to log in to the system and take full advantage of the whole platform, including the services.

How does this functionality benefit you?

This functionality is designed in such a way that it will benefit both the resellers and their enterprise customers. Both parties will refer to a single source to populate and extract relevant information. Resellers can post the result of their analysis or present a relevant recommendation that will lead to cost savings in a customized dashboard. This is a professional and appealing way to communicate with customers. It enables your enterprise customers to directly take action on certain recommendations presented on dashboard by starting a workflow.

We are very excited about the new Recommendation Dashboard and hope that you will enjoy using it! If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about Managed Services or the other services that Ezwim offers, you can go to or contact us at


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Written by Shrestha Rath

Shrestha is a creative product designer within Ezwim who continuously tries to optimize the customer experiences in Ezwim solution with the goal to increase KPI’s such as activation, retention and engagement.

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