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Posted by Mark Happel on September 8, 2017

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In our operator product brochure we describe what we can offer for operators. We identify 3 different main operator challenges, one of which is efficiency / cost leadership. In this feature blog we focus on the cost leadership solutions we offer.  

Ezwim ways to improve B2B customer service efficiency

Operators are faced with the complexity of running a network while profits are decreasing and customer are asking more services. They have to control their costs by becoming a cost leader to survive the competition. At the same time they need to provide more services and be more flexible to accommodate to customer requirements. The Ezwim solution can help to achieve this. 

The Ezwim solution is developed with the idea to automate processes as much as possible, reducing both customer as operator interaction. This of course secure (we are ISO 27001 certified), easy, and result driven. In our brochure we have identified 4 solutions that are key in driving cost leadership. 

Customer Self-Service

With the Ezwim platform, your business customers can easily review invoices, raise, track or trace tickets, or can even serve themselves. This will decrease handling time per ticket, decrease human errors and in the end reduce human working capital.

Management Portal

The Ezwim platform helps you to manage all your important business customers in one place. Detailed customer data of all these customers is available within one portal. You can set them up, 

Easy Integration

The Ezwim platform can easily integrate with your (legacy) back-end systems, ticketing systems and (SAP/ERP) ordering systems. This reduces the complexity in serving your customers fast and efficiently.

Predictive Analytics

With the Ezwim portal, you can use data points from all areas of telecom to understand what is happening with your customers and provide predictive analytics to strengthen your relationship. All data is centrally available with one push of the button to provide to your customers. 

Ezwim is Happy to Help

With 15+ years of experience, the Ezwim solution for operators has been carefully developed to tackle the most critical issues in telecom management. Ezwim provides a robust solution that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. By giving your business customers more transparency and control over their accounts, the Ezwim SaaS portal will enable you to increase customer satisfaction in an efficient way. Download our brochure to learn more, or contact us!


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Written by Mark Happel

As Director of Growth, Mark is responsible for the Ezwim growth strategy as well as providing direct support to Sales. Mark has over 20 years of experience in telecom working in different fields including operations, product, and sales & marketing.
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