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Posted by Mark Happel on November 24, 2017

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In our operator product brochure we describe what we can offer for operators. We identify 3 different main operator challenges, which are Cost Leadership, Upselling and Customer Satisfaction. In this feature blog we focus on the solutions we offer for the latter. If you are also interested in the Cost Leadership solutions we provide you should read our other Blog.


Ezwim ways to improve Customer Satisfaction

“The customer is always right”; an age old saying that highlights the importance of customers for companies. Especially in today’s market this holds true, as companies have figured out that a more customer-orientated strategy results to high profits. However, on the other hand, you do not want to exponentially increase your operating costs to achieve this goal. Companies constantly struggle with this balance, but what if you could do both at the same time?     

What if you could increase customer satisfaction and decrease churn without exponentially increasing your operating costs? What if there was a way to empower your business customers and provide them a highly personalized and transparent service? What if you could provide this service much better than your closest competitors? The underlying result: customers who are more loyal and more engaged with your company and the services you provide. In our brochure we have identified multiple solutions that a key in improving your customer satisfaction and retaining them.  


Bill Presentment

Customers nowadays increasingly expect more transparency. With the Ezwim platform your customers get an easy-to-use tool that provides them with information were they are over- and under spending. This generates trust as your customers never feel tricked.

Real time alerting

Why wait until the end of the month to alert your customers about sudden spikes? With the Ezwim Platform Customers can set usage thresholds. When the user exceeds this threshold the system will automatically send an email or SMS alerting them. Use Real-Time Alerting to retain customers in the long term, instead of focusing on short-term gains.

Customer Self Service

Both you and your customers agree that one of the most mutually frustrating things is to be forced to manually process a request that could easily be done automatically. Overcome this frustration with Ezwim’s turn-key platform. With Ezwim, your customer could easily swap SIMs or activate and de-activate services. This decreases handling time for both you and your customers.


Ezwim is Happy to Help

With 15+ years of experience, the Ezwim solution for operators has been carefully developed to tackle the most critical issues in telecom management. Ezwim provides a robust solution that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. By giving your business customers more transparency and control over their accounts, the Ezwim SaaS portal will enable you to increase customer satisfaction in an efficient way. Download our brochure to learn more, or contact us!

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Written by Mark Happel

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