Artificial Intelligence: Driving Efficiency and Shaping Customer Experience [Infographic]

Posted by Emma Giertz on November 2, 2017


Artificial intelligence is the new buzzword on the block. From chatbots to Amazon’s Alexa, AI is playing a critical role in shaping customer experience. As AI continues to develop, customer experience is becoming increasingly personal and increasingly efficient.

The following infographic highlights the AI trends that affect our operator clients. Beyond identifying these trends, we aim to help you to understand how your B2B relationships with enterprise clients will be affected and how you can leverage these AI trends to make your organizations more efficient.

For example, Gartner predicts that by 2017, two thirds of all customer service interactions will not require the support of a human intermediary. By using chatbots and setting up specific workflows, you can assist your business customers quickly, anytime, anywhere. More automated replies and workflows also mean reduction of support calls and call center handling time. In fact, according to the Salesforce Fourth Annual State of Marketing, 64% of current AI users say it has greatly or substantially increased their overall marketing efficiency. Better efficiency means a better bottom line.

Gartner also predicts that in the next three years, machine learning, chatbots, and virtual personal assistants will be part of the mainstream investments that corporations will make to improve their customer experiences. AI services will help mobile operators to deliver personalized experiences to business customers in an efficient way. Beyond the operating impact, this will become a key differentiator between yourself and the competition. In fact, organizations that have invested in online personalization will outsell companies who have not by more than 30% by 2018.

While Artificial Intelligence is important to understand, the future possibilities can seem overwhelming. In order to have a meaningful impact, you must first start with your customer. You must understand what is most important to your business customers and then find ways to improve this. Solving these pain points with the help of cutting-edge technology will help you provide the service your business customers expect in a way that is scalable and cost-efficient. Doing this well will put you miles ahead of the competition.


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Written by Emma Giertz

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