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Posted by Yorick Ludolph on July 30, 2018

BTC Ezwim cake

GDPR has been one of the main focus areas of Ezwim the past year and positive feedback from our customers make the hard work satisfying.

Recently we received a great compliment from our longtime partner BTC regarding the Ezwim GDPR compliancy and implementation. BTC was audited by a 3rd party on their GDPR compliancy, the Ezwim TEM solution was part of that audit as well. The auditing party was impressed about the measures Ezwim took regarding GDPR. Some of the feedback received:

  • Thoroughly prepared
  • Knowledgeable of the matter
  • Transparency, accessibility and visibility of the processes
  • Strong information provisioning

Compliments like this makes the hard work satisfying. Thank you BTC for the great compliment and the delicious cake!  

Ezwim has been very serious preparing for GDPR compliance. Being ISO 27001 certified data security and data privacy was already in our DNA so preparing for GDPR did not have a huge impact on our organization, processes and product. To implement we set up a very extensive briefing for our customers (and their customers in case of resellers and operators) as part of the new DPA's we needed to put in place. Read more in our blog on Ezwim TEM solution to GDRP.

This extensive preparation has been reflected in the positive feedback we received from our customers. We have noticed that not all of our customers were already focused on GDPR. By providing them clear and concise information we were able to help them.

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Written by Yorick Ludolph

As an Account Manager Yorick has ownership over multiple international and national customer and partner accounts. Besides he has a strong focus on generating new business for the enterprise and partner channels. With over 5 years of experience at Ezwim, Yorick knows how to tailor Ezwim’s products and services to the client’s needs enabling them to generate maximum value for their organization.
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