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Posted by Mark Happel on January 29, 2018

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It is here! Ezwim is proud to announce it has a new look and feel for Ezwim Global View. 

After changing the look and feel of our Ezwim Expense Management (EEM) module some years ago, the change of the Ezwim Global View (EGV) was a little bit overdue. But that has changed as of January 27th.We have implemented a new look and feel that is in alignment with EEM. 


Ezwim Global View (EGV)

EGV is a part of the Ezwim Telecom Management Suite, which contains, next to EGV, a set of different modules including the Expense Management module. The platform is one single integrated platform that organically grew and is still growing from our own development.

EGV delivers value both to Partners/resellers of the Ezwim products and to multinational clients. 
For multinational clients, EGV is the one-stop access to the entire Ezwim Telecom Management Suite. It shows a global picture of transnational telecom spend, EEM usage, service and SLA management. Next to this, it allows operational involvement in local service escalations and forecasting of telecom spend. EGV also allows to create and maintain templates for international roll outs of the EEM product.

For Partners/resellers of the Ezwim products, EGV allows to access and manage all accounts of their clients, create new client accounts, fulfil client orders, support clients, run various types of statistics on client behavior, maintain and create customized e-mail layouts, run customized reports on their entire client base or for specific clients. Both for Partners and Multinational clients, EEM, EBI and ESM catalogue management can be accessed from EGV.


The New Look and Feel 

The following main items changed:

  • Global View Dashboard
    The look and feel of the dashlets has been completely redesigned. In addition to that, you can now select more dashlets simultaneously into your dashboard.
  • Reports
    The look and feel of the reports has been aligned with EEM.
  • Menu now as EEM style
    The look and feel of the menu has been aligned with EEM
  • Filters
    Filters in reports and other functions are arranged in three columns instead of two. 
  • Full screen design
    Global View now uses the full width of the page, allowing you to see more dashlets and more report columns in one glance

Please note: the functionality hasn't changed, you can still do everything you used to do in exactly the same way, it only looks and feels better. 

Communication to our customers took place before the change was implemented. If any questions, please contact our support department.

If you are interested to explore our new look and feel, please feel free to request a demo.

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Written by Mark Happel

As Director of Growth, Mark is responsible for the Ezwim growth strategy as well as providing direct support to Sales. Mark has over 20 years of experience in telecom working in different fields including operations, product, and sales & marketing.
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