Product Update: Initial Setup of Customer Account by Just Loading the Invoice

Posted by Shrestha Rath on October 6, 2017


Operators! Get your customers started immediately by just loading their invoice file in our system.

In today’s fast paced world customers demand to view or feel results of their investment as soon as possible .To help our Operator clients to speed up the migration process to our software base Ezwim has discovered an excellent solution which will create a basic set up of their customer with just a single invoice upload.


How does this functionality work?

Operator invoice files always contain some degree of user information. With a minimum development effort, we are able to extract the user information from those files to create users and assign them to the phone numbers directly. On loading of the invoice all cost analysis reports become functional immediately without carrying out the HR upload process. The first level of hierarchy which is usually the client or account number present in the invoice is also created and users are linked to them.


How does this functionality benefit you?

For operators this functionality makes the onboarding of clients easier and faster and their enterprise clients can immediately get started with some preliminary information of their users in our system. Enterprise customers can start using and earning benefits from our system as is with the full flexibility to expand the hierarchy structure and add more details to the users later in the system.


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Written by Shrestha Rath

Shrestha is a creative product designer within Ezwim who continuously tries to optimize the customer experiences in Ezwim solution with the goal to increase KPI’s such as activation, retention and engagement.

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