Ezwim Aced the ISO27001 Surveillance Audit Successfully Again

Posted by Nadine Hoogerwerf on June 22, 2017


June 22th, 2017 – Since the founding of Ezwim, data security has been a cornerstone of Ezwim Telecom Expense Management product and services. Since 2013 we have been awarded the ISO27001 Certificate to prove our continuous efforts to ensure the safety of customer data. We are very proud to announce that we have passed our annual external audit again with flying colours.

“To uphold our Brand Promise ”Ezwim will keep your data safe” we will always continue to work on improving our security framework”, says Nadine Hoogerwerf, Information Security Officer. “Our focus for the coming years is on layered security that further deepens our security system and offers protection against the growing number of advanced security threads. This holistic approach means we will improve multiple lines of defence. We will keep on reviewing vulnerabilities and threats to update our security controls in every level of the technology and organisation, so our customers can enjoy our services without having to worry about data protection.”.

For any questions on information security please contact us on security@ezwim.com

Written by Nadine Hoogerwerf

Nadine Hoogerwerf is the Information Security Officer of Ezwim with 5 years of experience with security policies and controls, risks assessments and privacy regulations. Nadine is responsible for the ISO27001 certification within Ezwim. She studied Political Science at the University of Amsterdam and enjoys travelling to exotic destinations.

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