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Hein Remmen is one of Ezwim’s very first employees and as such a pioneer in the TEM industry. Hein has extensive TEM experience and has managed the design and development of all Ezwim products. Over the past two years, Hein’s focus has been on an intuitive, user-centric approach along with tools and features that make the Ezwim TEM Suite a global set of products. Hein holds a Master’s degree in Computer Linguistics from the University of Amsterdam and a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool, specializing in Big Data analysis for SaaS vendors. Hein is the Product Management Director at Ezwim.
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Ezwim integrates with ServiceNow

Posted by Hein Remmen on November 27, 2018


Integration with leading SaaS vendors, such as ServiceNow, as well as building out e-bonding capabilities with operators and other telecom vendors are a priority item on our roadmap. We are ready for the next step, the integration with ServiceNow. Let me explain the rationale.

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The Ezwim TEM Solution To GDPR

Posted by Hein Remmen on November 13, 2017

As a client, you have a right to ask any vendor that processes your data this question: “How will you comply with GDPR rules”? Then the vendor must answer in a straightforward way.


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Topics: General, GDPR, Enterprise, Operator, Partner

How Operators can build the Single Portal for Enterprise Customers: Getting there in Small Steps

Posted by Hein Remmen on October 13, 2017

Working in Ezwim as Director of Product Management is fun. You get to develop great software, and speak to clients all the time. The most challenging and interesting group of clients is the operators. My operator counterparts face requirements from many different stakeholders. Helping them to get to the right solution is very rewarding.

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