3 Ways A Customer Web Portal Improves Your B2B Relationships

Posted by Emma Giertz on September 14, 2017


In the telecommunications industry, strong relationships with your enterprise customers are becoming increasingly important. These relationships are the foundations of strong customer satisfaction and retention. Better service is a great differentiator from the competition. Using a single web portal for business customers to access and make changes to their telecom account is an essential element to this strong relationship.


1) Transparency Builds Trust

Trust and transparency go hand-in-hand. Corporate customers want all aspects of their telecommunications billing visible in an easy-to-understand way. They want to be able to track their monthly spending in real-time and see which areas within their organization are spending the most. Enterprises no longer accept the shock of a skyrocketed monthly bill because a single user used too much roaming data during a business trip. They expect their operator to provide access to this information – and real-time notifications – to make sure these unnecessary expenses can be avoided. Transparency creates trust. Trust creates a stronger business relationship.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Ezwim’s platform can provide this single portal with real-time notification capabilities, check out this page with an overview of solutions we offer to operators.


2) The Customer Has Control

Clear information is important, but giving the customer control and flexibility is another crucial element in developing a stronger relationship. We see that expectations in customer service are changing and convenience is a growing demand.Giving control to your business customers is the first step to convenience. And convenience is another component to strong business relationships.

So how does a customer web portal provide this control and convenience? Well, imagine that customers are able to complete simple tasks such as swapping SIMs between different users or turning on and off roaming on devices. Customers would have the power and could control simple things themselves, without the burden of calling your customer service call-center. And, they can do it 24x7.

Your business customers understand their business needs – provide them with a Self Service Portal to manage it themselves. This control will go a long way to strengthening your relationship and to helping you become a trusted partner.


3) Faster Customer Service

When a customer has an issue or a question that goes beyond simple tasks, they want help quickly. With a single portal, you give your customers more options for interaction. For example, a chat bot or email submission request can be done within the portal itself, and without picking up the phone. This portal can then integrate directly into your different back-end systems and workflows. This means these questions and requests will not be lost and can be responded to more efficiently and quickly within your organization. From the customer side, they can see the progress of their requests, are connected to the right people in your organization immediately and you gain credibility because you can resolve their issues quickly.


A single customer web portal gives you a tool to increase transparency, gives your business customers control over their account, and helps you provide faster customer service. Each of these elements help build trust between you and your enterprise customers. This trust will help you move from “just another operator” to a strong and helpful supplier.

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Download White Paper GDPR



Written by Emma Giertz

Emma Giertz is an Ezwim Growth Hacker and MBA Candidate at IESE Business School, with over 5 years of experience in marketing and business development. Away from work and study, she enjoys travel, running and a good cup of coffee.
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